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    Viewsonic CDE30 series 4K Presentation Display

    Available in sizes 43",55", 65", 75", 86" & 98"

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    About this item

    The CDE30 Series offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, high brightness, and versatile display modes for continuous corporate and campus communication. Equipped with a Quad Core SoC and USB-C connectivity, it ensures seamless multitasking and effortless connection to external devices. Remote manage via myViewBoard Manager (CMS upgrade), simplifies content changes, virtual updates and broadcasts across all screens (see downloads for more information) –  Available in sizes from 43″ to 98″


    Product Code

    43" - CDE4330
    55" - CDE5530
    65" - CDE6530
    75" - CDE7530
    86" - CDE8630
    98" - CDE9830

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      This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. We will never sell or share your information.
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      With stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, high brightness, and landscape and portrait modes, the CDE30 Series offers continuous and sustainable 24/7 display for both corporate and campus communication. Purpose-engineered for ease of use, the display is equipped with a Quad Core SoC to run multiple operations seamlessly, and its USB-C one-cable solution sorts for effortless connection with external devices. Designed for easy-to-operate continuous multimedia playback, the CDE30 Series offers cable-free screen casting and screen sharing through myViewBoard Display and ViewBoard Cast, which also supports Airplay and Chromecast. Remote management via the intuitive myViewBoard Manager makes changing content, broadcasting, and software updates a breeze. Available in 6 sizes ranging from 43″ to 98″, complete with daisy-chain compatibility, the CDE30 Series meets and exceeds the communication needs of any campus or corporate spaces.

      CDE30 Series

      Sleek Design with Versatile Connectivity

      Connection Made Efficient

      The CDE30 Series, with its USB-C connectivity, has been designed to enable ease of operation and upgraded efficiency. This all-in-one solution brings together single-cable speedy-data transfers and multimedia broadcasting while powering your connected device and providing it with fast and stable internet access.

      Wireless Content Sharing

      The CDE30 Series comes complete with cable-free sharing solutions. myViewBoard Display delivers instant browser-based castings for screen-mirroring with no cable or download necessary, making it perfect for quick presentations and guest users. For more advanced features, ViewBoard Cast offers split, extended, and grouped screen capabilities from any device. It also supports AirPlay and Chromecast so users can effortlessly share their screens.

      Non-stop Operation Hours

      Alongside its ability to run 24/7 for continuous message delivery, the CDE30 Series smoothly operates in both landscape and portrait modes to deliver the most efficient communication format. The display’s brightness ensures captivating visual quality, and its daisy-chain compatibility caters for easy network topology and deployment.

      SoC-powered Performance

      The CDE30’s built-in Quad Core SoC with embedded Android 11 and capable memory can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without requiring a media player. This all-in-one digital signage solution reduces both costs and your carbon footprint, while delivering a top-notch performance without needing a PC or any additional cables.

      Corporate Communication Simplified

      ViewSonic myViewBoard Manager is a web-based software for IT teams and administrators that centralizes message broadcasting. With just one device, you can easily synchronize information on multiple Presentation Displays, aligning corporate communication on all levels. No matter whether it’s a general announcement, an emergency message, or a multimedia asset. You are guaranteed a reduced workload.

      *For even more features, make sure to check myViewBoard Manager Advanced.


      ViewSonic myViewBoard Manager offers better operational efficiency thanks to its browser-based centralized management system. IT admins can remotely track devices, apps, and input sources, as well as measure and optimize tool usage with clear metrics and insights reports. The Remote Desktop feature streamlines maintenance, allowing for instant support without requiring on-site IT services.


      The CDE30 Series has been awarded EPEAT certification in the US — currently, the highest environmental rating achieved by any large format displays— for meeting the required criteria on energy consumption, supply chain carbon emissions, and end-of-life management. Committed to sustainability, ViewSonic has been actively implementing advanced energy-efficient and eco-friendly practices across all its product lines.

      CDE CMS (Myviewboard)


      Cloud-Based Access

      Remotely access and manage devices from anywhere, with no software installation needed. All you need is a web browser and a myViewBoard account.


      Easy Device Enrollment

      Enroll devices remotely with unique device PINs or serial numbers. Enroll devices on-site using QR code scanning. myViewBoard Manager also supports batch enrollment to expedite mass device setup.


      Device Monitoring

      Monitor the status of devices such as On/Off, Last Connected, Local IP Address and more, directly from the administration (admin) portal. Admins can also retrieve information such as serial numbers, asset tags, Wi-Fi SSID, etc. in real time.


      Device Control

      Remotely control devices from the admin portal, including turning the screen on and off, switching inputs, locking and unlocking firmware, and more.



      Instantly send standard or urgent messages to select devices from the admin console. A siren can also be enabled to provide visual and audible warnings for urgent messages. This feature is compatible with open API for third-party integration.
      App Management

      Remotely install or remove apps on enrolled devices. Admins can silently manage apps without the need for user intervention on the device. An app library provides a curated list of compatible apps (both ViewSonic and third party apps).



      Urgent Alert Broadcast

      With ViewSonic and third-party CAP messaging integrations, you can strengthen safety standards, increase visibility and keep your students and staff informed during critical events.


      Multimedia Broadcast

      Remotely broadcast pictures or videos to enrolled devices in full screen or use zones to display multiple pieces of media at once.


      Task Scheduling

      Streamline workflow by automating tasks ahead of time for increased efficiency in managing devices. Tasks can be planned for a specific time as a one-off event, or as a recurring event. Remotely schedule tasks such as screen on/off, power off, broadcast media and more on select devices.


      User Management

      Maintain system security within myViewBoard Manager by managing user access to various features and devices. This allows you to easily maintain and control the different panel needs of various administrators and staff while keeping the system running smoothly.

      System Backup and Restore

      Create “restore points” to restore system files to an earlier point in time. Restore points can be automatically created based on a preset schedule. Retain peace of mind knowing that files and preferences are saved even in the event of unforeseen system errors or crashes.



      Screen Size



      Contrast Ratio

      Type of Digital Signage

      OS License


      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*