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    Hi-LO Standard touch table

    Sizes 32", 43" & 55" - Plug & play option but upgrade available

    From: £2,595.00 + VAT

    Public & education POs accepted
    UK delivery
    Bulk pricing available
    Projector management
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    About this item

    Introducing our touch table designed specifically for the Public sector, featuring Android 11 (Android 9 for 43″) with an optional Windows PC upgrade. Equipped with electronically controlled height adjustment for easy accessibility, and manual angle adjustability from horizontal to vertical for versatile use. Backed by a 3-year warranty and support for peace of mind.

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      Features of this touch table:

      • Android 11 (Android 9 for 43″)
      • Electric HI-LO
      • Quick Switch Button (from Android to windows *For PC Only*)
      • 3 years onsite warranty
      • This Product has a Electric Height Adjust with a Manuel Tilt


      PC Spec *Only available with windows PC Option*

      • i7
      • 8GB Ram 
      • Windows 11 home
      • 256SSD


      For Battery specifications click below:

      FV Replacement Battery




      Touch tables offer a myriad of benefits, making them increasingly popular across various industries. Their intuitive interface promotes engagement and interaction, making them ideal for collaborative work environments, educational settings, and public spaces. In care homes specifically, touch tables provide residents with opportunities for cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and entertainment. They enable seniors to easily access multimedia content, games, and communication tools, fostering mental acuity and emotional well-being. Additionally, touch tables can streamline activities such as meal planning, therapy sessions, and recreational activities, enhancing efficiency for caregivers. With their versatile functionality and user-friendly design, touch tables enrich the lives of residents while promoting a sense of inclusion and connectivity within the community.





      Our fully interactive screen supports up to 10 touches at any one time, inviting collaboration and multi-user activities.


      Electronic height and adjustment allow the table to be used in a sitting or standing position, use the screen as a table, screen or lectern.


      Additional Windows PC gives access to a huge library of interactive multiplayer games, access online resources for staff training.


      Our one-stop solution . Built from sturdy materials with hardened splash-proof glass.


      A built-in Android OS allows you to run a huge range of apps from sensory apps to brain-training, keeping users engaged and entertained for hours. Access the Google Play Store to add any apps of your choice.


      Do away with the mains power lead, removing a tripping hazard and providing complete freedom of movement. Usable for up to 3 hours between charges.


      Our 3 year remote and onsite warranty means that we will strive to solve any issues that may arise, either over the phone or with an engineer visit if required.



      Apps are available as pre-installed (Sensory apps) but some only come with the PC options 

      Ask a member of our team for clarification on which apps are as standard on a touch table 


      Here is a list on apps which are available: 

      With the PC option you do gain all access to the google play store which opens up a whole world of apps!