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    Interactive immersive Classrooms & Sensory rooms

    Immersive rooms for Education, Care & Medical simulations

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    Experience immersive environments with our sensory rooms tailored for education, special needs, and care services. Enjoy a free visit and consultation from our specialist team, along with complimentary room design services. Transform spaces to meet unique requirements, blending therapeutic elements and personalised solutions for a holistic approach.

    See our downloads tab for everything you need to get excited about an immersive room!

    Contact our team to discuss what you need to get started on 0151 372 7766 


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      What is an immersive room?

      An immersive room, often referred to as a sensory room, is a specially designed space that utilizes various technologies and elements to create a highly engaging and stimulating environment. These rooms are crafted to provide a multisensory experience, incorporating visual, auditory, tactile, and sensual feeling. Immersive rooms are utilised for a variety of purposes, including education, therapy, relaxation, and entertainment. They often feature technologies like projectors, interactive displays, lighting systems, and soundscapes to transport individuals into a different and captivating sensory realm. These rooms can be particularly beneficial for special needs individuals, educational settings, and therapeutic purposes, offering a controlled and customizable environment to cater to specific needs and goals.

      Immersive Classrooms and Sensory rooms in Education & Care Services

      Immersive Classrooms

      We offer a totally free of charge consultation and sensory room design facility where we will visit your premises and discuss with you what you are trying to achieve, how we can help and offer recommendations. Based on this discussion we will then draw up a scale plan of our proposal and an itemised quotation, including if required, the installation of all the equipment. We also work closely with builders and architects and as sensory rooms need numerous electrical points we can submit electrical plans for the room as well.
      However, these plans are not set in concrete and we are happy to keep working with you until you are completely happy. Once you have confirmed you want to proceed we will arrange with you a convenient time for us to come in and install the sensory room. When everything is installed to your satisfaction the sensory room will be ready to go and we will then run through with you and your staff how all the equipment works.

      We are passionate about providing the most innovative solutions possible to primary and special needs education facilities.

      These unique learning spaces bring multi-sensory environments into the modern classroom, giving pupils an engaging and expansive learning experience. We believe in harnessing the transformative potential of immersive learning, using it to enrich every aspect of education.




      “A totally unbelievable learning tool that engages the whole school at every level

      — Mr Bell, Hove Park School, Brighton


      A child popping bubbles in an immersion room

      Care Sector 


      Allow your pupils to step into a fully interactive immersive world that they can engage with through touch, sight, smell and sound.

      kids creating their own immersive scenarios



      Our fully-integrated system allows you to discover, create and edit content easily, resulting in a completely tailored experience for your students.

      Goldilocks story time in a fully immersive environment



      Bring any world to life in your classroom with the ability to simulate endless scenarios. Transport students to environments that inspire them.

      A training session taking place in an immersion room



      Our team will provide in-depth training and continuous support, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.


      Ready to go content

      Our immersive classrooms have applications across the whole curriculum for key stages 1 and 2 and special needs, whether using our pre-made content or creating your own.

      Here is some of our most popular types of content ready for you to use. To see our full range of content, contact us below:


      site survey, build, software, training and support

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      Take a tour

      Want to see one of our immersive learning spaces in action? Explore one of our bespoke immersive classrooms in Willowtown Community Primary School through an interactive digital tour.





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