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    PCAP Touch Screen Windows Monitor

    Available in sizes 22", 32", 43",50" & 55"

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    About this item

    Introducing our PCAP Touch Screen Monitors, equipped with 10 touch points for interactive experiences. Featuring a commercial-grade IPS panel and anti-fingerprint technology, they offer a wide viewing angle and smooth gestures. With integrated Wi-Fi and optional integrated Windows PC, these monitors provide flexibility and functionality without requiring an external PC. Ideal for 24/7 usage, they come with integrated speakers and lifetime technical support.


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    Product Code

    22" - WP22A2
    32" - WP32A2
    43" - WP43A
    50" - WP50A
    55"- WP55A
    55" - WP55A

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      PCAP Touch Screen Monitors

      The PCAP Touch Screen Monitors uses the most responsive and sensitive touch technology.


      • PCAP Touch – 10 Touch Points
      • Multiple AV Inputs
      • Commercial Grade IPS panel
      • Landscape/Portrait Orientation
      • Integrated WI-Fi
      • 10 Touch Points
      • Anti Fingerprint/ Smooth Gestures
      • Wide Viewing Angle
      • 24/7 Usage
      • No External PC Required
      • Integrated Speakers
      • Lifetime Technical Support
      • Optional Integrated Windows PC

      Open Frame Option

      These open frame touch screen monitors are ideal for system integrators. With an underside mounting bracket included at no extra cost, this flexible solution can be mounted into any kiosk, table or cabinet in any direction or orientation. The bracket also features micro-adjustment in all three directions to enable flush-fit surface integration. Alternatively, these monitors can be wall or stand mounted thanks to their complete enclosure.

      PCAP Touch

      State of the art Projected Capacitive interactive technology offers the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available. Designed for commercial applications, PCAP touch technology works by fixing a sensor grid between a layer of cover glass and the LCD panel, when a finger touches the glass the grid detects the coordinates of the touch point. Unlike other touch technologies PCAP is not affected by dust or debris on the screen surface, allows for up to 10 touch points and offers superior optical quality.

      Anti-Tamper Glass

      Built with a strong tempered glass front and a wide viewing angle, these commercial grade tablets are hard to miss and certainly stand out from the crowd.


      Touch Screens

      This option is the largest at 55″ but there are various other sizes (22″, 32″, 43″, 50″) available on request.

      Surface Plasma Treatment

      Not only is the front glass face tempered, which makes it more durable and suitable for public use, but it is also plasma treated to give it an oleophobic coating. What this means is that it is more resistant to surface oil and moisture which Reduces the residue left by fingerprints. It also lowers the surface tension and friction, making touch gestures much smoother, improving the overall tactile experience for the user. All this is achieved without having an etched finish which means that the overall optical clarity is maintained to the maximum level.

      10 Point Touch

      Having up to 10 touch points allows for a wider variety of applications than ever before. This kind of functionality allows you to manipulate images, zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a domestic tablet. It also allows for multiple users interacting with the screen at one time.

      IPS Panel

      Accurately displays an image’s quality and colour depth at an 178° ultra wide viewing angle. There is no fall-off in colour accuracy and no diversion in contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most challenging lighting environments these displays are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate colour temperature for lifelike images. The panel is also optimised for mounting in either landscape or portrait orientation.

      LED Backlight

      The LED backlight used is not only eco-friendly but also ensures the display has enhanced brightness and contrast. This technology increases the lifespan and reduces the power consumption by around 30%. This form of light technology is mercury free; safeguarding this screen’s eco friendliness.

      24/7 Usage

      Built with commercial grade panel and components these displays are designed to run 24/7 in constant use; unlike domestic tablets. The panel also has a lifespan of over 70,000 hours of continuous use. They can also be used in landscape or portrait orientation.

      Attach External Devices

      Although the screens have an integrated PC with two operating systems, there is also a possibility to attach external devices if required. Simply connect your device to the screen, via VGA or HDMI (for the video signal) and USB (for the touch functionality). The screen will then serve as your computer monitor and the touch functionality controls the cursor, essentially acting as your mouse.

      Touch CMS

      The PCAP Touch Screen can be used as a touch monitor if you connect your own PC or you can run your own touch software from the integrated Dual OS PC board with Windows and Android. However you can use our ground breaking new Touch Screen Content Management System that puts you in control as you create, deploy and touch your very own content on screen. First, you create your custom layouts with our user friendly software that requires no knowledge of coding to use. Then deploy the content from your PC direct to your Touch Screens in a matter of seconds. Now all that is left to do is touch as you let your content do the talking about your brand, company, service or product.

      Screen Size



      Touch Screen?

      Contrast Ratio

      Aspect Ratio


      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*