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    Newline DV series

    Available in 120", 150" & 180"

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    About this item

    Introducing the Newline DV LED Series, available in 120″, 150″, and 180″. With its 6mm ultra-thin frame and ultra-high refresh rate, immerse yourself in stunning visuals. Enjoy HD resolution across 120”-180” displays with a plug & play design for hassle-free setup. Integrated speakers complement the lightweight all-in-one design, ensuring an immersive audio-visual experience. Plus, benefit from less power consumption and self-adaptive brightness for optimal viewing in any environment.

    All sizes come with a wall mount included but a trolley option is available (Only for 120″ & 150″) 

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      Intelligent All-In-One Display

      Wall mount included in all sizes but trolley options 120″ & 150″ only available


      The Newline DV Series is an exceptional All-in-One Direct View LED display that combines cutting-edge technology with seamless design. Whether used for advertising, presentations, or entertainment purposes, this Direct View LED display provides an immersive viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

      • 6mm Ultra-Thin Frame
      • Ultra High Refresh Rate
      • 120”-180” Display HD Resolution
      • Plug & Play Design
      • Integrated Speakers
      • Lightweight All-In-One Design
      • Less Power Consumption
      • Self-Adaptive Brightness

      Minimalist Design

      Available in sizes 120”, 150” and 180” to provide the ultimate large-scale viewing experience, the Newline DV Series adopts a lightweight design with a sleek bezel-less display area with a 19.8mm cabinet mounted to a 6mm ultra-thin frame.

      High Efficiency and Convenience

      The All-in-One design integrates power supplies, speakers, control systems, and signal processing to streamline installation and reduce maintenance efforts. Weighing 50% less than conventional LED products and utilizing a centralized power supply that reduces power consumption, it’s a lightweight and sustainable offering that is guaranteed to make an impact.

      Stunning Visuals

      With its high-resolution LED panels, the DV Series delivers stunning visual performance and clarity, making it ideal for various indoor applications. This display boasts exceptional brightness levels and color reproduction, ensuring vivid and captivating visuals in any lighting condition. Advanced 24-bit color processing technology, 3840 Hz high refresh rate, and image calibration ensures that the solution delivers an unparalleled visual performance.

      Multiple Interfaces

      Multiple interfaces allows you to make the most of your DV Series:

      • 2x HDMI 2.0 video input
      • 2x USB 2.0
      • 1x USB 3.0 interface
      • LINE OUT audio output



      Type of screen

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      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*