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    ProLite TF15MC-B1 Interactive Display

    Available in size 15.6" & 32" - PCAP Touch

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    About this item

    This ProLite display utilizes PCAP touch technology and boasts a sleek bezel design with edge-to-edge glass. Its durable construction and scratch-resistant glass make it perfect for kiosks and high-use public applications. Featuring a foam seal finish for seamless integration and an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, it supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

    Product Code

    32" - TF3215MC-B1
    15.6" - TF1615MC-B1

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      ProLite PCAP Interactive Display


      Open Frame PCAP (30 point touch for 32″ & 10 point touch for 15.6″ ) screen equipped with a foam seal finish for seamless integration

      The ProLite TF3215MC-B1 (31.5 inch) uses PCAP touch technology and is built into an eye-catching bezel with edge-to-edge glass. Thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen and a rugged bezel, it guarantees high durability and scratch-resistance, making it perfect for kiosk and high use public facing applications. Equipped with a foam seal finish it supports seamless integration into kiosks and provides IP65 rating resulting in dust and water resistance from the front. Landscape and portrait orientation ensures flexible mounting possibilities in almost any installation. This display is the ideal solution for kiosk integrators, industrial environments, control rooms and interactive multimedia.


      Touch Technology – Capacitive
      This technology uses a sensor-grid of micro-fine wires integrated into the glass that covers the screen. Touch is detected because electrical characteristics of the sensor grid change when human finger is placed on the glass. Thanks to the glass overlay this technology is highly durable, and the touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. It offers perfect picture performance and will work with human finger (also latex gloved) and stylus-pen.


      Foam Seal
      A foam seal finish (8mm) around the monitor ensures seamless integration and optimal dust protection.


      Ball-Drop-Test Proof
      The ball-drop-test uses a half-kilo steel ball, which is dropped onto the touch screen from a height of 1.3 meter. If the touch screen surface remains unaffected, the monitor passes the ball-drop-test for high impact resistance and durability.


      Touch Through-Glass
      This through glass touch screen works right through glass and can turn glass surfaces into an interactive touch screen display. Use it on storefront windows, real estate office, in-store for POS or restaurants.


      24/7 displays are designed for a continuous operation.

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      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*