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    iiyama ProLite LH10551UWS-B1AG Interactive Display

    Available in size 105" only - 5K resolution

    £8,087.95 + VAT

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    About this item

    Experience the stunning 105” 5KUW Display from iiyama, designed for 21:9 panoramic commercial signage. This sleek, thin bezel display delivers vibrant imagery with 5KUW resolution, perfect for control rooms and high-end retail spaces. The LH10551UWS-B1AG operates 24/7 in landscape or portrait orientation, providing flexible installation options. Features include an ultra-wide screen, USB-C connection, optional OPS Slot PC for Windows IoT, and built-in speakers for high-quality audio.

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      105” Professional 5KUW Display for specialised 21:9 panoramic commercial signage

      Experience a true 21:9 Panoramic Ultra-Wide view for all your content with the jaw dropping 105” displays of iiyama. This super sleek thin bezel design display shows vibrant and larger than life imagery and videos using 5KUW resolution to make the difference.

      Whether installed in mission critical control room facilities or vibrant digital signage for high end retail spaces, this iiyama 105” large format display offers businesses an easy and effective solution to help capture their audience’s attention. Designed to perform in continual, around the clock environments, the LH10551UWS-B1AG can be installed and utilised in landscape and portrait orientation to create the most stimulating imagery in any space.


      Flexible Orientation

      The ability to position the displays in landscape or portrait orientation means you can make the most of any space and bring your messaging, advertisements, videos and safety information to your audience.


      21:9 Ultra-Wide Screen

      With an ultra-wide aspect ratio, this professional display provides an expansive canvas to accommodate panoramic commercial signage. The 21:9 Ultra Wide format is also the perfect optimisation for your content capabilities, enhancing our messages and simultaneously attracting your audience on a larger scale.


      5K – 11 Mega Pixels

      Experience stunning visuals on this IPS panel with 5KUW resolution (5120×2160), offering crisp and clear images for a truly immersive viewing experience.


      USB-C Connection

      Delivers the latest in video, audio and Touch signal, all through one port.

      Standalone Solution

      Unlock all of the security and flexibility of Windows IoT with the optional OPS Slot PC.


      The built-in speakers offer high-quality sound, ensuring crystal-clear audio during presentations, video conferences, or multimedia playback.





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      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*