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    32″ KS1 Interactive touch table

    Available as a plug and play option or with a battery pack

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    About this item

    Introducing the 32″ KS1 touch table by Future Visuals, featuring optional battery pack for 8-10 hours of cable-free use and quick recharging. Powered by Android 11, it offers seamless interaction. With manual angle adjustability and lockable safety wheels, it’s versatile and safe for classrooms. The scratch-resistant screen ensures durability, ideal for educational settings.

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      FUTUREVISUALS  32″ KS1 Interactive touch table

      The Future Visuals 32″ KS1 Interactive Touch Table can enhance essential, early literacy and numeracy skills through play. Built with little learners in mind, this is a robust and child-safe tilting table.

      • 32″ touch table screen
      • 350W or 500W battery pack included for a complete cable free solution (will run for 8-10 hours and only takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge from empty)
      • Android 9
      • Manual (and lockable) angle adjustability from horizontal to vertical
      • Lockable safety wheels, supporting easy and safe use within the classroom environment
      • Scratch Resistant Screen toughened with MOHS7 Glass
      • 6 Free pre-downloaded Yellow Door Apps (1yr subscription)
      • Full training and support
      • 3 Year Warranty and support

      This table is designed to offer a host of user options which will transform the learning environment. Groups of little learners can learn to better interact together. The 32″ screen encouraging them to socialise, take turns, and work together. Perfect for educational sessions.

      As a bonus, the table provides angle adjustability allowing you to tilt through 75 degrees to enable single use or whole class learning.

      The table mirrors Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with Yellow Door Software and fulfils the OFSTED recommendations for children’s participation in IT skills training. are an award winning, multisensory publisher who believe play is at the heart of everything. Helping you to offer language-rich play environments which is the best thing we can do together to enhance children’s learning, their wellbeing and their future success.

      Yellow door is a priced option to have with your touch table so please mention when speaking to our team!



      Applications Included are…

      • Magic Fluids
      • Real Piano
      • Sensory Fish
      • Coloring Pages
      • ABC Kids
      • 123 Numbers
      • Matching Game Animals
      • Puzzle Kids
      • Jigsaw Puzzle Epic
      • Glow Hockey


      Interactive Touch Table Specification:

      • Colour Android Screen
      • Android 9
      • 32” AIO Android PCAP Capacitive touch screen with toughened MOHS7 Glass
      • PC specification Intel Celeron, 2Gb/8Gb, WiFi moved, HDMI IN, remote control
      • Tilting and lockable screen, child safe, can be tilted through 75 degrees.
      • Lockable safety wheels, supporting easy and safe use within the classroom environment.
      • Maple bonded laminate worktop on a metal base unit with durable edge banding.
      • Pre-loaded Google Play Store
      • HDMI and SB inputs
      • External speakers for better sound quality.
      • HDMI input enabling DVD player of Freeview to be added.
      • Built in WIFI 2Ghz and 5Ghz.
      • Additional training option*
      • Additional Yellow Door Apps option*
      • Additional Battery Pack Option

      * Not included in standard package price


      Key Features & Benefits

      • Can be tilted through 75 degrees before being locked in place.
      • Android 9
      • Lockable Safety Wheels – Supporting easy and safe use within the classroom environment.
      • Scratch Resistant  Screen – Touch screen toughened with MOHS7 Glass.
      • Can withstand misuse of pens.
      • Battery Pack for cable free solution

      Screen Size

      Operating system (TT)