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    Viewsonic ViewBoard IFP52-2F series EDLA Certified

    Available in sizes 65", 75" & 86" - Comes with built in ELDA Google workspace

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    About this item

    Experience seamless plug-and-play connectivity with triple USB-C ports across screen sizes of 65″, 75″, and 86″. Enjoy enhanced visual quality with an EDLA Certified screen. Navigate effortlessly with the intuitive Android™ 13 customizable launcher, featuring draggable apps and widgets for personalized usage. Rest assured with advanced security controls and compliance standards that prioritize safeguarding your data. Foster collaboration with integrated myViewBoard software, powered by an Octa-core CPU for optimized performance. *Google, Android, YouTube, Google Maps, and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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      Google Play Store Expands Teaching Horizons

      Integrated access to the Google Play Store and Workspace suite simplifies collaboration. With the Android™ 13 launcher, you can put widgets, educational tools, and essential apps like Chrome, YouTube, and Google Search, within instant reach with a simple drag-and-drop onto your home screen.


      Streamlined Protection, Effortless Updates

      With the Android EDLA-certified IFP52-2F, educators and students can confidently use technology in a protected environment, thanks to automatic Android security and application updates. This also eases the workload of IT staff, who no longer need to worry about update maintenance.

      Enhance Learning Experiences with Advanced Multitasking

      Make lessons and activities dynamic with split-screen multitasking. Whether whiteboarding in one window while a video streams in another or brainstorming answers alongside test questions, Picture-by-Picture mode displays two windows simultaneously for seamless productivity.


      Ignite Learning with myViewBoard Whiteboard

      Engage, excite, and inspire with the cross-compatible integrated myViewBoard Whiteboard. Whether teaching in-person or online, enjoy streamlined lesson planning and interactive classes with tailor-made whiteboarding tools, like pop quizzes, an infinite canvas, and timers


      Ergonomic Design for Fluid Lesson Delivery

      The control bar’s sleek design positions angled input buttons and I/O ports front and center. This ensures effortless access to essential controls while streamlining connectivity for a smooth and uninterrupted lesson flow.


      One-cable Solution Simplifies Setup

      Designed for ease of use, the comprehensive connectivity setup is complete with three conveniently located USB-C ports. This one-cable solution streamlines your workspace, delivering swift multimedia playback, smooth data transfer, and efficient device charging.


      Seamless Sharing via Web-browser Screen Casting

      Effortlessly share your device screen to the ViewBoard with myViewBoard Display. This built-in casting service enables instant sharing from compatible web browsers, eliminating the need for additional cables or app installations.


      Collaborate with Simultaneous Multidevice Screen Casting

      Enjoy expanded casting possibilities with the pre-installed vCast, allowing four-device simultaneous casting to the ViewBoard from desktop and mobile devices. Take advantage of split, extended, and grouped screen functionalities, or effortlessly cast lesson content to connected devices for efficient collaboration.


      Fast Wireless Connectivity for Dynamic Classrooms

      Upgrade the ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series with an optional Wi-Fi module for seamless internet access. Enjoy online videos or research resources within a clutter-free environment. Additionally, the device can double as a hotspot to ensure a stable, wireless internet connection for the classroom.



      Enrich Teaching with Versatile Accessories

      The ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series comes complete with a full line-up of compatible accessories. Customize your device with a web camera, slot-in PC, a motorized trolley cart, and a document camera, alongside many more add-ons for all teaching needs and scenarios.




      8-Microphone Array for Seamless Hybrid Learning

      The ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series integrates an 8-microphone array with advanced noise detection and cancellation technology, empowering accessible learning experiences with clear audio for hybrid, remote, and pre-recorded lessons.


      Captivate with the Immersive Integrated Speakers

      Front and center-positioned speakers, this setup offers an immersive audio experience. The enhanced sound effects and a captivating atmosphere for movies, games, and multimedia content.


      Pen-on-Paper Writing Enabled by Ultra Fine Touch Technology

      Enjoy a pen-on-paper writing experience as you note take, annotate, and sketch ideas with the dual pen. Enhanced with Ultra Fine Touch Technology and 40-point touch capability, the ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series empowers collaboration and lesson interactivity for new ways of learning.


      Prioritize Eye Care with Flicker-Free Technology

      Integrating flicker-free technology, a blue light filter, and an anti-glare coating directly into the display, the ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series provides a superior viewing experience that is both gentle on the eyes and energy-efficient.


      Optimize Remote Communication and Device Management

      Broadcast, and manage multiple displays simultaneously from any location via the secure, user-friendly myViewBoard Manager. This centralized device management system not only enhances campus communication with multimedia and emergency broadcasting, but also empowers energy conservation through convenient remote on/off and ECO mode controls. Disclaimer: *Multimedia broadcasts and task scheduling are available with the optional Advanced license.


      Grow Green Together with Energy-Efficient Design

      The ViewBoard IFP52-2F Series holds the prestigious EPEAT Silver certification, recognizing its adherence to rigorous energy consumption, supply chain carbon emissions, and end-of-life management standards. For schools dedicated to a sustainable future, it presents an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution that aligns with sustainability goals.



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      Operating System

      Screen warranty

      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*