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    Wall Mounted Outdoor Digital Non-touch Advertising Display

    Available in 22", 32", 43", 49", 55" or 65"

    From: £1,435.00 + VAT

    Public & education POs accepted
    UK delivery
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    About this item

    Introducing our Outdoor Digital Advertising Display, built to withstand the elements with an IP65 rating, making it weatherproof for outdoor use. Mountable in landscape or portrait orientation, it’s secured with a vandal-proof steel enclosure and toughened glass to prevent glare, ensuring durability and visibility in any environment. Available in sizes ranging from 22″ to 65″, it’s the perfect solution for outdoor advertising needs.

    Larger sizes are available, please contact our team to request these

    Product Code

    22" - (OW22D4), 32" - (OW32D4), 43" - (OW43D4), 49" - (OW49D4),
    55" - (OW55D4), 65" - (OW65D4)

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      Outdoor Digital Advertising Display (OWD4)

      This Outdoor Digital Advertising Display is:

      • IP65 Rated
      • Wall mounted (either landscape or portrait orientation)
      • Weatherproof
      • Secured with a vandal proof steel enclosure
      • Fitted with toughened glass to prevent glare.
      • Available in 6 sizes from 22″ to 65″.

      Sunlight Readable

      Brightness is key when using outdoor Digital Signage, our Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays use Ultra High Brightness panels (2,500 cd/m2) more than 4 times brighter than a standard LCD panel to allow easy readability in direct sunlight. (*22 inch is 2,000cd/m2).

      Weatherproof Outdoor Digital Advertising Display

      Suitable for the harshest of outdoor conditions – designed with a robust, corrosion protected, outer casing to give protection from both the elements and the public. The outer casing has an IP65 rating which means it keeps out all airborne swarf, dust and other particles as well as being protected from any wet weather conditions; broadening the range of possible environments.

      Vandal Proof Outdoor Digital Advertising Display

      The outer casing of our Outdoor Digital Signage Advertising Displays is made from mild steel as well as having thermally toughened glass. Controls and openings are hidden and not accessible by passersby.

      Smart Temperature Control System

      Not only are the outdoor digital signage displays able to withstand hot and cold surroundings but they are able to manage the internal conditions to maximise the life of your product. Built in air-conditioning can now be tailored to allow the display to work at an optimal level in any climate.

      Plug and Play

      The Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays come with a built in HD Android media player, allowing you to update them using a USB memory stick. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, which will copy the files into its internal flash memory. Once you remove the memory stick the screen will then start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop.

      Anti-Reflective Glass

      The glass frontage is also anti-reflective to help defuse direct sunlight shining on the display, improving overall clarity.Anti-Reflective Glass outdoor

      Free Landscape/Portrait Wall Mount | Outdoor Digital Advertising Display

      The display can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the application. We also include a free wall mounting bracket that allows you to install your display in either landscape or portrait orientation and lock it in place.

      digital signage water proof ip rated wall mount

      Hardware Modification

      Optional extras include a touch screen upgrade, a 3G antenna for wireless updates and a built in camera for user interactivity. Other hardware integration is available on request.digital signage environmentally friendly power timer

      Optional Network Upgrade

      For a small charge you can also upgrade your screen to be networked, allowing you to remotely update your outdoor digital signage screen via LAN, WiFi or 3G.

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