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    Newline Mira 4K LCD Display

    Available in 65", 75", or 86" - EOL

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    About this item

    This product range is now EOL (End of life) – Please contact our specialist team for a product replacement 

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      Newline Mira 4K LCD Display.

      4K (UHD) Resolution
      Optical Bonded Screen
      Up to 20 Touch Points
      2 x 15W Built-in Speakers
      Built-in Camera and Microphone

      Newline Mira 4K LCD Display

      The MIRA is a versatile screen well equipped to fulfil nearly every need in the corporate workspace.


      The combination of optical bonding along with Infrared touch technology results in exceptional touch accuracy along with a smooth writing experience, one that’s as familiar as writing on a whiteboard.


      The touchscreen can easily tell the difference between a pen, a finger, whether dragging, resizing or writing, this screen knows what you want to do, without you having to change settings.


      This screen has a 4K Ultra High Definition resolution – this gives you crystal clear imagery ensuring that your audience is able to see the content you display with vibrant colours and a true 178-degree viewing angle.


      Whilst using the screen with Windows you can use up to 20 touch points at once whereas whilst using Android you can use up to 10 touchpoints. This allows for collaborative workspaces within your meeting/lecture, etc.


      This screen has GREAT built-in speakers allowing your audience to listen to the content you play, or be able to hear anyone that you are on a conference call with.

      AND MORE…

      A new user interface allows you to completely change the look of your Newline MIRA, with new themes, you can have it look the way that suits you. The toolbar is very versatile, it can be a long or short bar at the side or alternatively, it can be circular and gives you the ability to move it around in a place that is easily accessible to you. Your Newline is as secure as you make it – you have the ability to lock down different parts such as your file explorer, you can lock down the settings entirely and you can even disable USBs.

      The smart all-round meeting solution

      The integrated interactive ecosystem tools secure wireless presentation and collaboration. The flexibility of MIRA makes this interactive display the ultimate solution for your workplace!

      Superior touch_Tekengebied 1

      Superior Touch

      Object Recognition

      Maximum Viewing Angle

      Built/in camera & microphone Array

      Go Wireless

      Win/ iOS/ Android/Chrome

      Ultra Lightweight

      USB-Type C Connection

      Optically bonded 4K display to redefine clarity

      Experience the optical bonding benefits such as clear images, vibrant colors and a true 178° viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.

      Without Optical Bonding

      Optical Bonding

      Superior touch

      The combination of optical bonding and advanced IR touch results in exceptional touch accuracy and a smooth writing experience with recognition of pen, finger and palm.

      With up to 20 points of touch, get a highly responsive, lag-free multi-touch experience. It allows your team to work and write at the same time together without any limits.

      Built-in camera & microphone Array

      The built-in camera and the microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction, facilities easy collaboration and video calls, making MIRA a great choice for remote meetings.


      Display area (mm)1428 x 8041650 x 9281895 x 1066
      Touch TechnologyIRIRIR
      Viewing Angle178°178°178°
      Weight (kg)34.74657.5

      Screen Size



      Touch Technology

      Touch Points


      OPS Slot

      Operating System