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    Direct LED video wall

    Size by square metre - Available in 1.8 or 2.5 Pixels

    From: £2,195.00 + VAT

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    About this item

    Price is per M2

    Introducing our Indoor Direct View LED Solutions, available in P1.8 and P2.5 pixel pitches for stunning clarity. With a seamless video wall, compact diode package, and modular design, it ensures a cohesive and customizable display. Experience ultra-high contrast ratio for vibrant visuals. Enjoy easy installation with slim, lightweight cabinets, making it ideal for various indoor environments.

    These Video walls come with bespoke mounting solutions! Call our office to request your bespoke mount 0151 372 7766

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      Easy Installation and Maintenance
      Due to their lightweight design, magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure, these displays are incredibly easy to install. After installation, they can be serviced from the front of the display by quickly and efficiently removing the DV-LED modules for ultimate ease of maintenance.
      Complete Package Solution
      This all-in-one package contains everything needed to get your display up and running, including the LED modules and mounting bracket. For larger DV-LED video walls an aluminium screen edge can also be made to order at no additional cost, protecting the display and improving the overall aesthetic.
      Captivating Image Quality
      State-of-the-art SMD Direct View LED technology and an ultra-high 6,500:1 contrast ratio guarantee that these video walls deliver stunning image quality. Experience vivid colours, true black and crystal clarity across the seamless display. Plus, advanced video processing technology ensures colours are accurate and lifelike without any distortion.
      End-to-End Project Management
      As every Direct View LED project is unique, they each come with their own challenges. We are here to advise and support you every step of the way. From designing bespoke displays to ensuring hassle-free installation and even providing maintenance, we can deliver full end-to-end project management where required.
      Complete Quality Control
      From production through to installation, our video walls undergo multiple rounds of strict quality control to ensure long-lasting reliability. In addition, quality calibration guarantees consistent image quality across the whole display.
      Modular Video Walls
      Thanks to their modular design, these versatile displays are not constrained by standard aspect ratios. Stand out from the crowd by sculpting seamless large-scale video walls to fill spaces of any shape and size in any location. The unique cabinet size gives ultimate flexibility by ensuring a 16:9 aspect ratio is also possible.
      UK Stock Held
      Our fully-stocked UK warehouse means we can fulfil projects with a rapid turnaround time if required. From initial enquiry to finished installation, by holding extensive stock in the UK we can deliver results without long delays.
      • Seamless Video Wall
      • Compact Diode Package
      • Modular Design
      • Ultra High Contrast Ratio
      • Easy Installation
      • Slim Lightweight Cabinets
      • End to End Project Management
      • UK Stock Held
      • Quiet Operation
      • Comprehensive Quality Control
      • Easy to Use CMS
      • Easy Front Serviceability
      • Lifetime Technical Support
      • 3-Year Warranty


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