Education and Business Leasing Options

Finance options for schools / Care homes and businesses on all projects over £3500.


The Department for Education states that compliant operating

leases bring the following benefits

• The school doesnt have to pay the full cost of the asset upfront, so you don't need to use up other
much-needed funds
• Leasing may mean you have access to a higher standard of equipment, which might be too
expensive for you to buy otherwise
• The asset is effectively paid for over the fixed period of time that you use it, which helps you
budget for the future
• As monthly rental costs are usually fixed, it can be easier to forecast cashflow


Example for reference on Interactive displays.

10x Promethean AP7-A65-EU-1 Award winning ActivPanel at £2,428.00 +vat each
Three Year Operating Lease, paid in advance by standing order/direct debit
£7,195.23+vat per annum.

Minimum capex value is £4,000 +vat with no upper limits. Payments can be in advance or arrears
and can also be deferred for one or more months.

Example for reference on Interactive touch tables.

1 x 40″ HI-LO interactive touch table for care homes.

You can pay 50% on invoice and 50% within 2 months with no interest what so ever!

We cover all options from 2/3/4 and 5 years terms on Monthly / Quarterly and annual payment terms

For example , Buy price £5250 plus vat – Finance over 5 years on a monthly payment terms would be around £115-120 er month

The goods we remain yours following the term. (no hidden costs)

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