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    Genee GV9100 4K UHD Visualiser

    £895.00 + VAT

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    Model: GV9100 4K UHD (VSR080040

    13MP, x22 Opitcal Zoom, x8 Digital Zoom, Auto Focus, SD Port, VGA, HDMI, USB, 3kg

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      GV9100 4K


      With Genee Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale – in fine detail.


      Utilise the Genee Vision 9100 4K features to compare work, analyse content and show objects in greater detail. The zoom enlarges source materials, pictures and 3D objects without having to force your audience to move for a better view.


      A key use for Visualisers is to bring student work into lessons for peer led assessment, show and tell and discussion through collaboration.

      Genee’s Visualisers integrate seamlessly with our SPARK II lesson software, enabling teachers to demonstrate and interact with students in real-time; which allows teachers to create lessons that are infinitely more engaging. Alternatively, connect your visualiser to a PC and use Genee Toolbar software to annotate, take stills, zoom and more.


      Setting up your Genee Visualiser couldn’t be simpler; plug into a power source, connect the USB cable to your computer/screen, launch the software and you’re ready to start your presentation.


      Device Management platform for Genee GTouch Deluxe and 4K Android displays along with all of your other Android, Windows, Chrome and iOS devices.

      Radix Viso device management platform for Genee makes managing your GTouch screens (and other devices) easier than ever before. With a simple, user-friendly interface, performing remote management is child’s-play.

      Project Flow

      With more schools supporting BYOD and investing in tablet technology, we are continually asked how to maximise portable and individual technology within a lesson. Project Flow is designed to bring all of your laptop, tablet and desktop technology into a harmonious environment keeping the teacher in full control.

      If one of your students is struggling with a piece of work in the classroom while another student is progressing further, simply send different content tailored enough to engage and challenge them individually.

      • BYOD friendly online software to unify all mobile devices into a learning environment.
      • Automatically differentiate content among mixed ability students.
      • Supports independent learning with personalised and interactive learning activities.
      • Monitor how well your lesson is going with built-in formative assessment tools.

      Spark II

      Through Spark II, bring in your existing Word and Powerpoint files to annotate, manipulate and overwrite during your lesson. Save your changes to your original documents or just save the changes within the canvas to continue delivering your impactful lesson seamlessly.

      With Spark II, you can reduce lesson preparation time and create dynamic lessons on the fly.

      Become limitless with your imagination.

      • Fully interactive whiteboard software for multimedia use designed by teachers.
      • Use what you know by bringing in and manipulating existing resources directly into the canvas.
      • Save crucial teaching time by loading up previous lessons or creating one on the fly.
      • Easily accessible tabs and tools for wheelchair users and younger pupils from the bottom of the display area.
      • Easily create dynamic and engaging lessons on the fly by annotating over any programme, including the internet.
      • Create lessons from home and bring them directly into the classroom.

      Cube Share

      Share the same virtual document and canvas with Cube Share. Work from the same room or log in from a completely different location to partake and carry on with the lesson. Perfect for distance learning and for students that cannot make it to the classroom.

      • Browser based application to be used securely with log-in credentials by all participants.
      • Live chat feature to ensure communication is open and two way between teacher and student.
      • Take control of the live document and share your annotations and alterations with the rest of the class.
      • Dedicated app available for mobile devices.

      Unlimited participants can join the virtual lesson.