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    Samsung 50″ Crystal UHD 4K Signage QMB Display

    Built for business

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    Yearly subscription required with this product for the content management software (See downloads tab)– Contact our team for more clarification on 0151 372 7766

    Samsung 50″ Crystal UHD 4K Signage QMB Display features Dynamic Crystal Color, Quantum Processor 4K, non-glare screen, slim symmetrical design, clean cable guide, video call applications, and Smartview+ collaboration for professional environments.

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      Samsung 50″ Crystal UHD 4K Signage QMB Display

      Unlock new display possibilities for your business
      The QMB Series combines enhanced professional features, streamlined set up and maintenance, and stunning design to elevate any business environment. From improving collaboration to showcasing rich content in new formats, QMB delivers innovation and efficiency to help businesses reach their goals.

      Experience true-to-life colors
      Dynamic Crystal Color
      Every picture is more immersive with one billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color delivers true-to-life variations, allowing customers to see every subtlety.

      View lifelike shades of color in powerful 4K
      Quantum Processor 4K
      Samsung’s industry-leading video processing technology enhances every piece of content for clarity and consistency. Intelligent UHD upscaling technology, powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, elevates lower-resolution video to UHD-level quality, providing professional picture quality.

      Ensure critical information is always visible
      All QMB Series displays feature reliable, non-glare panels that provide better visibility from all angles, any time of day. The non-glare display enables businesses to deliver accurate information in critical locations, such as airports and train stations.

      Slim design that maximizes space
      Slim and symmetrical design
      Narrow bezels and a symmetrical design allow for seamless integration into any environment with simplified mounting and installation. To maximize space savings, all terminals face outwards, ensuring the display hangs flush against any wall.

      Zero obstacles to the viewing experience
      Clean cable guide
      QMB blends perfectly into any business environment. With clean cable guide feature, the screen draws maximum focus to what is on the display, not the cables connected to it.

      Make conference calls without messy installs
      Video call applications
      Connect with colleagues without unnecessary connections. Featuring easier video conferencing than ever, the QMB has a built-in video conference solution that supports the most popular web conferencing apps, enabling simple video calls with just a USB-type webcam.

      Collaborate between screens with wire-free speed
      SmartView+ enables wireless screen sharing without cable connections, ensuring full collaboration. Users can now enable screen sharing functionality at the start of a meeting, allowing the meeting admin to quickly switch between screens with one click.

      Maintain meeting room settings without unintended changes
      Custom Home
      Designed to simplify conference room management, Custom Home allows admins to lock specific meeting room settings, preventing users from changing settings between meetings. Now, conference rooms can work throughout the day as intended, without errors, allowing IT to focus on other tasks.

      Enhance professional environments with expert tools
      Professional Modes
      Built-in professional modes enable more possibilities in specific verticals. Director Mode minimizes post-processing, aligning content to the director’s original intention. Medical teams can simulate medical images such as X-rays with DICOM Simulation Mode, meeting DICOM’s full grayscale standards.

      Simplified calibration between screens with mobile app
      Smart Calibration
      Guarantee complete brand consistency across every display in every location. Using the Samsung mobile app, Smart Calibration ensures every display is calibrated correctly, showcasing brand logos and other collateral in the exact colors required.

      Easier setups and updates for reduced workloads
      Tizen Zero Config
      Tizen Zero Config is essential for IT managers operating multiple units in different locations. Following display installation, IT professionals can register new apps through Tizen Business Manager and remotely install, eliminating needless travel and local installations.

      Supports the latest web-based content
      Upgradable Web-engine
      Upload any piece of content, no matter how innovative. QMB’s constant web-engine upgrades enables the latest types of content to be played without limitations, allowing for more diversified and engaging creative assets.

      Flexible installation for custom designs
      Auto Level
      Keep content clear and steady. Auto Level automatically adjusts content when the screen is rotated from vertical to horizontal for increased versatility in any space. Plus, it automatically recognizes incorrect pivot directions to keep the display always in the correct orientation.

      Eco-packaging and industry certification to greenify our world
      Eco-conscious technologies
      QMB series uses recycled plastics for the rear side cover and packaging. Additionally, Samsung received certifications for energy savings and carbon footprint reduction and complies with restriction guidelines for hazardous substances such as RoHS, REACH and WEEE.


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