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    Phillips Multi-Touch Display

    Philips 75BDL3552T/00 - 75"

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      Philips 75BDL3552T/00 75

      4K Android OS Interactive Touchscreen

      Discover a new level of interaction

      with this multi touch LED display

      Philips 75BDL3552T/00 75” 4K Interactive Touchscreen Display – with Infrared 20 Point Touch Technology, Embedded Android 9.0 Operating System and OPS Slot

      Maximise engagement and inspire collaboration with the Philips 75BDL3552T/00 75” 4K Interactive Touchscreen Display. Featuring anti-glare toughened glass, these Android-powered displays are made to withstand heavy daily usage and feature up to 20 touchpoints.

      OPS slot allows for PC embedding without cabling

      Integrate a full-power PC directly into your Philips Interactive Display. The OPS slot contains all the connections you need to run your slot-in solution, including a power supply.

      Operate, monitor and maintain with CMND and Control

      Run your display network over a local (LAN) connection. CMND and Control allows you to perform vital functions like controlling inputs and monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one screen or 100.

      Multi-touch technology capable of 20 touchpoints

      Create a memorable interactive experience with up to 20 touchpoints at the same time. Perfect for collaborative and competitive applications, this display connects your audience with any content – making it ideal for education, public venues, corporate, hospitality and retail settings. The touch panel is HID compliant, providing true plug-and-play operation.

      Android SoC processor. Native and web apps

      Control your display via an Internet connection. Android-powered Philips Professional Displays are optimised for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. A new Android OS ensures the software is kept secure and stays up to date with the latest specification for longer.

      Whiteboard mode built in

      Inspire agile collaboration with whiteboard mode. Simply activate this feature to turn your display into a blank canvas that can be drawn on by multiple users by hand or with dedicated display markers. Everything on the screen can then be captured for easy printing or file sharing.

      Wireless screen sharing and advanced collaboration

      Display four feeds on one screen. Wireless screen sharing allows you to connect up to 32 devices at the same time for quick content switching when you need it. Use your existing Wi-Fi network to instantly and securely connect devices or use our optional HDMI CastTo dongles to cast directly to the screen without needing to connect to your secured/protected network.

      • Experience amazing interactivity with true Multi-Touch

        Experience amazing interactivity with true Multi-Touch

        A brand new level of interactivity is now available thanks to integrated touch technology. More flexibility and optimum simultaneous touch performance coupled with excellent operability opportunities give you the ultimate in user interaction. Multi-Touch displays are equipped with automatic touch recognition. The USB connector is HID-compliant, providing true plug-and-play operation.

      • CMND: Take control of your displays

        CMND: Take control of your displays

        A robust display management platform, CMND puts the power back into your hands. Update and manage content with CMND & Create or control your settings with CMND & Control. It’s all possible with CMND.

      • Keep your content up and running with FailOver

        Keep your content up and running with FailOver

        Keeping your content up and running is critical for demanding commercial applications. While it is unlikely you will face a content disaster, FailOver provides content protection with a revolutionary technology that plays back-up content on screen in the event of a media player failure. FailOver automatically kicks in when the primary input fails. Simply select a primary input connection and a FailOver connection and you’re ready for instant protection.

      • SmartPower for energy saving

        SmartPower for energy saving

        The backlight intensity can be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50%, which saves substantially on energy costs.

      • Connect and control your content via the cloud with HTML5

        Connect and control your content via the cloud with HTML5

        Connect and control your content via the cloud with the integrated HTML5 browser. Design your signage content online and connect it with a display or with your entire network. Simply plug in a RJ45 Internet cable for network connection and connect the display with the dedicated URL address, and you are ready to play your cloud-based content.

      • Anti-glare glass with low optical parallax

        With this integrated touch display, the anti-glare glass with low optical parallax allows for the most immersive touch experience. With little to no glare and low reflection on the display, images are crystal clear with pure colour and great clarity.

      • AMVA for wide-view super-high contrast, vivid images

        Philips AMVA LED display uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology which gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra vivid and bright images. While standard applications are handled with ease, it is especially suitable for graphical demanding applications. Its optimised pixel management technology gives you a 178/178 degree extra-wide viewing angle, resulting in crisp images even in portrait mode.

      • Full HD LED for brilliant images with incredible contrast

        Picture Quality matters. Standard displays deliver quality, but you expect more. Imagine crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colours for a true-to-life picture.

      • Simplify meetings with FailOver for conferencing

        Using FailOver, simplify your presentations and video conferencing. When a meeting or conference room is not in use, background content can run from whatever input source you choose. When the meeting starts and you need to share a presentation or your screen, simply connect your computer and the display automatically switches inputs and shows what’s on your screen, with no need to manually switch inputs.

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