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    CTOUCH Heartbeat safe – Compatible with most Ctouch screens

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    About this item


    • Compatible with most Ctouch screens
    • Safe is a paid monthly subscription to make your touchscreen last a lifetime


    Product Codes

    Riva D2


    Riva r2




    Riva 1/Sky/Nova


    Laser Sky/Laser Nova


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      This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. We will never sell or share your information.
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      CTOUCH Heartbeat Safe

      CTOUCH Heartbeat is an As-A-Service programme that maximises the value of your touchscreens for far longer than you think! Sign up your interactive touchscreens to receive a lifetime of functionality, security and firmware updates. To members we guarantee: owning, managing and using a touchscreen is as easy as ABC.


      • IT ADMINS

      who can easily and remotely spot and fix problems, manage security and settings.

      • USERS
      whose tools are always uniform and up-to-date, even across different display types!
      who register a reduced CO2 footprint.
      that see a lower energy bill as part of lower Total Cost of Ownership.


      Our programme extends touchscreen’s lifetime significantly with continuous updates and warranty up to 10 years. It optimises how you use your displays, as you gain insight through energy dashboards. When the display is end-of-life, you can responsibly replace it through our buy-back or trade-in options. A win for the environment and your wallet! And that’s not all: we’ve partnered with Trees for All to plant a tree for every screen in the programme!



      Effortless remote IT management

      CTOUCH Sphere is our remote management system, designed to empower IT admins to easily resolve issues and keep displays always up-to-date. Gain insight through personalised dashboards, backup and restore configuration and let multiple users manage at different levels. Device maintenance and troubleshooting is child’s play from the comfort of your desk!


      Uniform experience across all displays

      The interactive display in room A has the exact same look-and-feel as the display in room B, even if they’re entirely different model types! We achieve this feat through lifetime firmware updates, OS upgrades and even hardware upgrades if needed. The app functionality experience will also be always uniform. We make sure you’re always able to use the functionalities of the included apps (such as screen sharing) through updates and more. Even going as far as providing you with a suitable alternative app if pre-installed apps are no longer supported by the developer!


      Secure for a lifetime

      Your interactive display will always be equipped with up-to-date security protocols, delivered throughout a lifetime of security updates. Continuous updates minimise security risks and keep display’s data always safe and secure. This empowers users to confidently use the displays!


      Circularity with CTOUCH Next Life

      When it’s time for you to replace your CTOUCH displays, we will repurpose them. Don’t worry; we won’t throw any in the trash. Depending on your display’s condition, we will refurbish it or reuse parts. In return, you’ll get a discount on your next CTOUCH touchscreen purchase or even part of your purchase amount refunded



      Laser Sky/Laser Nova, Riva 1/Sky/Nova, Neo, Riva r2, Riva D2

      Screen Type