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    BenQ RP04 EDLA Certified range

    Available in sizes 65", 75" & 86" - Built for education

    From: £2,058.95 + VAT

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    About this item

    Introducing the BenQ RP04 Series, crafted for education excellence. EDLA certified with Android 13, these top-of-the-range screens boast 50 touch points, offering an immersive interactive experience. Built to elevate education environments, they are the pinnacle of showcase screens.

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      Teach in ways you never imagined

      Discover new ways to give lessons and take your teaching to the next level with our most powerful board yet.


      Newest update! 

      The RP04 EDLA Certified screens are the updated version of the RP03’S range which are built for more efficiency, More software and an overall All-in-one solution






      A very Google experience

      The new EDLA-certified BenQ Board Pro RP04 gives you the best possible classroom experience by combining the power of BenQ software and hardware with official Google services for education.

      Google Play

      Get access to your favorite education apps right on the BenQ Board.

      Core services

      Google’s Core Services come preinstalled on the RP04.

      Collaboration tools

      Use any of the Google Docs Editors to open lesson files directly from your board.



      Access your files

      access your files v2

      With Google Drive on the board, you can conveniently open your cloud-based teaching materials and then save them back to your drive once class is done.



      Experience enhanced security

      experience enhanced security v2


      Google Play Protect safeguards your displays and prevents you from installing potentially harmful apps and malware



      Hey Google…

      hey google v2

      Get a helping hand while teaching by speaking to Google Assistant from your remote.



      Rely on efficient long-term performance

      rely on efficient long term performance


      The RP04 runs Android 13 on an 8-core Pro chipset ensuring its futureproof use and consistently fast performance.




      No ordinary whiteboard

      EZWrite 6 lets you do more than just write and draw. You can expand the size of your canvas, split it into sections, pull up templates and measuring tools, and even share your live camera feed.

      Import. Edit. Share.

      EZWrite supports Office files so you can import slideshows, documents, sheets, or PDFs and use them to teach. Add notes during class, and save your session as an editable IWB file or export it as a PDF handout for your students.

      Borderless classrooms

      Activating cloud whiteboarding extends your session to remote students, wherever they may be. They can write and participate freely as if they were right in front of the board.


      AI tools for accessibility and inclusivity:

      Have written text read aloud for everyone in class.

      Multilingual translation

      Translate resources to different languages and access a world of content.


      Convert text from images and documents to an editable format.


      Screen Size


      Touch Technology

      Touch Points

      OPS Slot

      Operating System

      Screen warranty

      *Not all mounts are compatible with your chosen screen size, please check suitable screen fixture size & vesa mounts before purchasing - All information found in the mount product specification*