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    16-inch MacBook Pro (2023)

    16.2in M3 Pro 18GB or 36GB Internal memory & 512GB SSD - Black or silver

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    About this item

    The 2023 Apple MacBook Pro 16.2-inch model features a 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, powered by the M3 Pro chip with a 12-core CPU and 18-core GPU. It comes with either 18GB or 36GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, running on macOS. Available in black or silver this laptop offers top-tier performance and advanced graphics capabilities.




    Product Code

    MRW13B/A - Black 18GB
    MRW23B/A - Black 36GB
    MRW43B/A - Silver 18GB
    MRW63B/A - Silver 36GB

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      Apple MacBook Pro (2023) 16.2in M3 Pro 18GB/36GB & 512GB SSD – Black or Silver

      • Screen: 16 Inch Liquid Retina XDR
      • RAM / Storage: 18GB or 36GB / 512GB SSD
      • Operating System: MacOS
      • Processor: M3 Pro Chip, 12 Core
      • Graphics: 18-core GPU


      It’s head-turning. Mind-blowing even. Supercharged by Apple’s M3 Pro processor, Apple’s 2023 MacBook Pro blasts forward to deliver more pro performance and capability for both work and play. Advances in graphics processing drive a huge boost for the most demanding pro apps and games, and its Liquid Retina XDR display with 120Hz ProMotion provides gorgeously fluid visuals. With a powerful array of ports, and amazing battery life, Apple just upped the ante on what a MacBook Pro can achieve.


      1080p camera & studio sound
      This MacBook Pro’s 1080p HD camera makes video calls feel more like the real thing, with technologies to help you look sharp in any light. A studio-quality three-mic array captures the subtlest sounds and minimises background noise so your voice comes through loud and clear.


      Apple M3 Pro Processor
      This MacBook Pro is supercharged by Apple’s M3 Pro Processor. The M3 Pro chip drives even greater performance for those with more demanding workflows like researchers, coders and creative pros. So stitching together and manipulating gigantic gigapixel panorama images or compiling millions of lines of code is even faster. And it remains just as fast whether plugged in or on battery power.


      RAM packed
      RAM is your computer’s short-term memory. The more you have, the faster you can expect apps to launch and run. There’s 18GB or 36GB in this MacBook Pro, so it’s super comfortable running lots of complex tasks at once, and you won’t see any obvious lag or slowdown.


      Liquid Retina XDR display
      Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR) brings refined specular highlights, incredible detail in shadows, and vibrant, true‑to‑life colours. Calibrated in the factory, each Liquid Retina XDR display also features ProMotion and pro reference modes.


      Pro Motion visuals
      Pro Motion makes everything from scrolling to gaming super fluid and responsive, automatically adjusting to match the movement of content – with refresh rates up to a staggeringly smooth 120Hz.


      Magic Keyboard
      The Magic Keyboard comes with a full-height function key row and Touch ID, which gives you a fast, easy, secure way to unlock your Mac and sign in to apps and sites.


      A battery that just keeps going
      A single charge lets you watch up to 18 hours of video content or up to 12 hours browsing online. And Fast charge comes as standard, giving you up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes.


      Connecting your other devices
      Transfer photos and videos with an SDXC card reader. Connect to TVs or displays with the HDMI output. Listen using a 3.5mm headphone jack that detects and automatically adjusts for high‑impedance headphones. Connect to high-speed peripherals or displays with multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports. And fast‑charge using the quick‑releasing MagSafe 3 port.


      Additional information: manufacturers often update their Operating System (OS) software over the course of a device’s lifespan – this means that your product might ship with a more advanced OS than specified.






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