Is purchasing a touch table a good investment – Dementia touch tables

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Is purchasing a touch table worth the cost?

Touch tables are quite a pricey purchase when it comes to it but it’s definitely worth it, see numerous reasons below as to why it’s an instant buy. We do offer a range of different pre-installed touch tables but this post will be mainly focused on our dementia touch tables which are standard touch tables but with all the pre-installed apps downloaded on them which makes them ready to use when they arrive.

1. They are completely designed to fit your needs

Our team will complete a full consultation over the phone to understand your needs and what apps will work in terms of resident and patient types/ages & needs. During this stage, we would not complain about a whole story from start to finish as the more we understand what you want to get out of our touch tables the better we can help you!

Once we do understand your needs, we will then offer you a full demonstration of the touch tables via Teams so showcase everything you’d like to do on it plus relevant features.

Our dementia touch tables have pre-installed apps on them which will help with brain development, memory training, colour coordination, speech therapy and so much more to help with the cognitive development of residents and patients.

Standard models come with Android installed which gives you full access to the Google Play Store and makes it practically into a big tablet!

2. Constant contact with family

As our screens already have wi-fi integrated into them, If you’d like to upgrade your touch table with a built-in PC then you’ll be able to have full access to the Microsoft Play Store as well as the Google Play Store ( which is already available with the Android version) for all the apps and games you can think of, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and of course video call apps such as zoom & teams.

This a great feature to have on the touch tables because it means constant contact with family and loved ones for residents/patients that aren’t very mobile as the adjustable touch tables can be moved about and be positioned on the bed but it’s also perfect for family that can’t do visitations a lot of the time so they still get to see that smile on their loved ones faces!

Also, the built-in PC is a great feature in terms of staff and students and you can do large-screen meetings and training sessions without having to get everyone on site. This comes in handy with a lot of our care homes which are based all over the UK as it allows staff nationwide to do monthly reviews and training without having to travel.

3. Most importantly, they bring a bunch of fun!

Now of course, No matter who you are or your age or anything, everyone loves a bit of fun!

Need some cheerful music playing? – Download Spotify and blast Patrick Topping or Elvis Presley (Completely down to preference)

Need some friendly competition? – Download Monopoly go and make all that fake money ( If you don’t pick the thimble we are not friends)

Or even just some relaxation? How about a colouring-in app (Which is also great for colour coordination)

There is so many more features to the dementia touch tables but if you’d like to learn more please the product page below!

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Or alternatively, Get in contact with our friendly team!

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